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Fixed Nozzle Desuperheater (FND)
Fixed Nozzle Desuperheater (FND)
Fixed Nozzle Desuperheater (FND)
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Specification of

Fixed Nozzle Desuperheater (FND)
Single nozzle Kv as low as 0.0162 m3/hr and as high as 1.6 m3/hr
Number of nozzles limited only by pipeline diameter
For use on all pipe sizes 6 "and above
Ideal for use in conjunction with water control valve and control system
Turndown ratio up to 4: 1 (Depending on water quantity)

The minimum pipe size required for installation of FND is 150 mm
Water pressure should beminimum 7 bar more than the steam pressure
maximum recommended pressure difference between the steam and water is 45 bar. If it exceeds 45 bar then install a pressure control valve in waterline to reduce water pressure within limits
Spray water should be very clean (equivalent to the boiler feedwater)
HEB approval shall be provided for individual components
Turndown ratio up to 1: 4

Typical Sizes
Steam side flange: 4 "and water side flange 1"/1 1/2 "O

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